About Us

CURATE ’ established on 1st Jan 2020 is an Indian men’s online clothing store.

Who we are?

After being frustrated with being unable to find high quality mens clothing at an affordable price, we decided to take charge in our own hands. CURATE mainly targets Indian men fashion industry and covers all the 29 states and 4000 cities and towns currently. We are not just a clothing brand, we also provide personal styling for all our customers by hand picking the right products for their body shape & color. We work towards one goal, making fashion for men more comfortable and stylish without having to empty the consumer’s pocket.


Everyone loves modern trends to reflect in their Wardrobe. We present the Best of Latest Global Menswear Trends. We take pride in fast delivery without compromising on the quality of our product. CURATE Focus on Trends, Quality, Affordable price at one bucket. With our professional Fashion stylist we do personal styling for all our customers by Curating them with the right products that suit their body shape & color. 

CURATE is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce brands in India which offers a unique range of men’s fashion with a wide range of styles. Our design team is an expert in Streetwear, Casual, Formal Look by updating every month to add value in your wardrobe.

Where to find us?

Thinking about shopping for yourself?  Looking for collaborations?  Want to raise a complaint?  Or just want to share a suggestion?

You can write or reach to us at:

-For support and assistance : Curate.in@gmail.com

-Instagram Account : Curate India


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